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Pinterest is undoubtedly the drawing board where users plan and organize their shopping options, but they usually jump ship to a different platform for purchase. Pinterest tasked Brandcenter students to get holiday consumers thinking differently about holiday shopping and e-commerce altogether.


How can we get people to shop on Pinterest for the holidays?


Pinterest has capabilities some users aren't aware of - their powerful algorithm for recommended content, the "lens", and most recently, their native checkout. More and more social platforms are launching shopping features - pushing a mindless, "click-buy", instant gratification mindset. Pinterest has a chance to change this and bring back the joy in shopping, demonstrating why they should be the go-to holiday shopping app.

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Introducing Pinterest Presents

A holiday campaign to bring the joy of the in-person shopping experience to Pinterest. From the hunt of finding the right gift for everyone to the joys of browsing 5th avenue window displays, this campaign will highlight Pinterest's powerful shopping tools through a number of executions.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 11.18 1.png

Who is engaging with Pinterest Presents?

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The Early Birds.

Begin planning early. 

Want the holidays to be perfect.

Purchase gifts throughout the year.

Sometimes stumped on what to gift their closest friends and family.

Window Shopping

Storefront Window Displays

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In shopping locations, Pinterest will catch the eyes of shoppers by collaborating with brands to take over storefronts. These 2D window displays will feature products a specific persona on your shopping list may like, and the scannable Pinterest Lens code leads to the full list of items on Pinterest.

In-App Window Displays

Rectangle 153.png

In the app, users will be directed to a new window shopping tab, featuring popular brands.

Brand windows will feature exclusive Pinterest products that users can click and enter while navigating the window display. Users can tap on shoppable products and add them to their cart.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.22.53 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.22.59 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.22.19 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 3.56.24 PM.png


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A new "windows" button will

appear on the shopping feed.


Users can select the brand they want to shop windows from.


Brand windows will feature Pinterest exclusive holiday products.


Users can click on a window to view products or step inside.


Users can choose to pan around inside the window and continue to shop.

Gifts for Everyone

Out of Home Ads

Rectangle 152.png

In highly populated cities, Pinterest will feature holiday personas that are sometimes impossible to find the right gift for. By scanning the ad with the Pinterest lens, users will be brought to a Pinterest shopping list just for that person. 

In-App ideas for the "hard-to-shop-for"

Rectangle 152.png

On the search feed, users

can view boards curated by Pinterest for those who are difficult to shop for - from your mother-in-law to the picky younger cousin you haven't seen in forever. Pinterest will also feature popular creators' shopping boards.

Gifts for You

Pinterest Presents Holiday Boards

Rectangle 152.png

Leveraging Pinterest Predicts, a powerful trends report compiling user data over the course of the year, Pinterest can create recommended shopping boards in time for the holidays for each of their users. Users can share their board on social, sparking a user-generated campaign.

Group 611.png

Joy in Shopping

Shopping Oasis

Rectangle 153.png

In busy shopping hotspots, Pinterest will provide quiet getaway spaces in the form of cozy holiday rooms, featuring scannable Lens products. Shoppers can easily browse, scan and purchase exclusive brand items in the room while avoiding the holiday shopping chaos outside around them.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 3.21 1 (1).png

Holiday Easter Eggs

Rectangle 152.png

Users can scroll through the explore page and see Window Shopping CTAs, motion pins, holiday music and character pins, as well as Pinterest-only discount pins from their favorite brands. These holiday easter eggs sprinkled throughout the feed will encourage users to spend more time on the app.



01 Team collaboration is key.

Everyone on this team was in a different track, but this didn't affect our ability to make this campaign cohesive across all different mediums and work together successfully. 

02 Break the rules.

Although the client did not request recommendations or ideas for the in-app experience, my team took the initiative to provide additional suggestions we thought would support the overall campaign.

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